The very best indicator for a positive outcome is the experience of other patients who had similar treatment by the same board-certified orthopaedic surgeons at the same facility.

We are pleased to report that we score consistently higher than the national average of orthopaedic facilities and hospitals. Our patients go home sooner, recover faster, and report a higher level of comfort and satisfaction while at the OICM.

We can say this, and feel confident that the OICM is among the best in the nation, because we have the data and statistics to fully support our statements.

The charts you see here are based on patient data supplied by Central Maine Medical Center, where the OICM unit is housed, and by Marshall Steele,* an independent firm that collects information from orthopaedic centers throughout the US. We are committed to providing the latest information on our surgical outcomes so you can make the right choice about your orthopaedic care.

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