4. Does the orthopaedic program operate using a team approach?

At the Orthopaedic Institute of Central Maine, having a truly unified team of clinicians and other professionals is central to our philosophy of providing superior care for our patients.

Team strength

At the OICM, we are the only orthopaedic group in Maine to take advantage of a team approach to patient care. Every patient is assigned a personal clinical team, which includes the attending surgeon, orthopaedic nurses, physical therapy professionals, and other key staff members.

Taking care personally

Personal care means that a patient sees the same familiar faces throughout the entire process and experiences a caring, personal touch at every step of treatment and recovery. This special approach builds patient trust and reduces stress, thereby helping to speed the recuperative process.

Great teams, great scores

We are in this together – you as a patient, we as medical professionals. You’ll find that, as a result, the OICM routinely scores above the national average for patient satisfaction and positive outcomes.