6. Do they offer in-unit physical therapy?

Orthopaedic physicians will often prescribe an expert physical therapy program to promote successful recovery. An in-unit or on-site physical therapy facility lets your orthopaedic physician or surgeon monitor your immediate post-surgery progress closely and allows your physical and occupational therapists to consult with your doctors in a timely fashion.

The OICM’s unique facility

The OICM is the only facility of its kind in Maine, integrating all orthopaedic services and care in one, single-focus, single-floor hospital unit. This includes rehabilitation facilities, adjacent to our private patient rooms, which have been specifically designed to support the first stages of recovery.

The road to recovery

Because we have rehabilitation facilities right on the OICM unit that are specifically designed to support the initial states of recovery, our patients go home sooner and are further along with their recovery when they do.